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Natural candies “Raspberry and hazelnut”

price: 85.0 грн.

Weight: 120 g.


Weight: 120 g.

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Сomposition: dates, flax seeds, hazelnut, papaya, pumpkin seeds, raspberry pastille, rice balls, sea salt, sunflower seeds.

Due to the fact that the candies are not subjected to heat treatment during the manufacturing process, all useful microelements and vitamins are stored in them.
Candies are sweet thanks to fructose, which is naturally present in the products used.
We recommend it to children and adults as a healthy and tasty food.
Dried fruit candies are a tasty and useful gift for yourself and your loved ones on any holiday!

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Natural candies “Raspberry and hazelnut”
Natural candies “Raspberry and hazelnut”

There is nothing useful in the composition of many store-bought sweets. Preservatives, dyes, artificial flavors and sweeteners remove the desire to treat the child with such delicacies. Fortunately, there is an alternative to store-bought candies and sweets. TM “KOHANA” products are made from natural ingredients, they do not contain sugar or preservatives.

Advantages of natural candies “Raspberry and Hazelnut”

Natural candies “Raspberry and Hazelnut” have the following advantages:

  • Confectionery includes exclusively useful ingredients: dates, papaya, rice balls, flax seeds, sunflower, pumpkin, etc.
  • Real chocolate is used instead of glaze, fresh berries instead of flavor stabilizers.
  • Candies with a delicate raspberry taste and whole grains will be a pleasant addition to tea or coffee.
  • food. With their help, you can maintain an ideal weight, fill the body with energy and vitamins.
  • Candies without thickeners and trans fats can be bought for people who need regular snacks. Such sweets are suitable for children’s and medical menus. Dried fruits, nuts and cereals in moderate quantities speed up metabolism, have a beneficial effect on organs and vital systems.

The manufacturer “KOHANA” does not stop developing, expanding its range.

Why should you not buy store sweets?

In addition to harmful carbohydrates, store-bought candies contain many toxic substances and ingredients that are slowly eliminated from the body. The digestive system and tooth enamel suffer from low-quality candies. It is not for nothing that many children develop caries at an early age. Natural sweets will help to avoid these problems.

KOHANA online store offers a huge selection of products for healthy eating and healthy treats with various fillings. You can buy fruit bars, breakfast cereals and delicious candies from us. Lactose-free and gluten-free cookies are also available.

You can get acquainted with the prices, product catalog and delivery conditions online. You can purchase wholesale or retail. Delivery of orders is carried out by Nova Poshta throughout the country. You can contact our managers by phone, in messengers or social networks.

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