TM "KOHANA" - healthy food products

Do you want to follow the principle of healthy eating? KOHANA TM has prepared for you many useful goodies that will help you stay active throughout the day and not be bothered by the feeling of hunger.

Here you will find:

  • Granola is a balanced and nutritious breakfast that does not take much time to prepare. The benefits of cereals in combination with your favorite flavors will give the body a charge of vitamins, minerals and necessary trace elements for a more productive day.
  • Natural Bars are a healthy snack with a variety of flavors. Such delicacies are made WITHOUT SUGAR, with the addition of DRIED fruits, nuts, seeds and spices. In addition, Bars will be useful for those who follow a certain diet, as they do not contain gluten.
  • Natural cookies are a great addition to tea or coffee, which will not harm the figure.

Why should you choose KOHANA TM products:

  • consists exclusively of natural components without the addition of preservatives, flavor stabilizers and other synthetic impurities;
  • Bars, granola and cookies are a source of OMEGA-3 for the body;
  • the product has a quality certificate of the international standard ISO DSTU 22000:2007;
  • products are suitable for athletes, people with diabetes, children over 3 years old, vegans and vegetarians, and generally those who follow a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Products of TM "KOHANA" are certified according to international standards ISO DSTU 22000:2007.

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