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Gluten-free buckwheat-date cookies

price: 80.0 грн.

Weight: 170 g.


Weight: 170 g.

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Сomposition: baking dough, buckwheat flour, coconut oil, dates, flax seeds, fructose, goji berries, peanut, potato starch, treacle.

NEW and HIT sales. Orange juice, barberry and corn flour.
Try once and love forever! 100% natural product! Without sugar, gluten, yeast and preservatives.

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What could be tastier and more aromatic than dietary pastries from TM “KOHANA”? Cookies with a buckwheat-date flavor will appeal to every child and adult. The natural composition, the absence of sugar, preservatives, gluten and other dangerous ingredients allow you to enjoy an aromatic dessert without harming your own health.

What are the advantages of KOHANA TM cookies?

People who follow the principles of proper nutrition understand the importance of using natural sweets. Cookies made of dates and buckwheat flour from the KOHANA brand are love at first bite. This healthy and tasty dessert includes:

  • buckwheat flour;
  • dates;
  • natural coconut oil;
  • flax seeds;
  • molasses;
  • peanuts;
  • goji berries and other natural components.

Buckwheat-date cookies are suitable for use by people with diabetes, as they do not contain sugar, except for natural fructose.

You can buy delicious treats at an affordable price in our store. TM “KOHANA” organizes the delivery of orders in Ukrainian cities with the help of the reliable transport service Nova Poshta.

Are you interested in purchasing healthy sweets wholesale or retail? You can order products in one click on the website or by calling our managers.

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