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Natural Brownies “Assorted”

price: 85.0 грн.

Weight: 120 g.


Weight: 120 g.

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Сomposition: almond, cocoa, coconut crumbs, dates, dry milk, hazelnut, sea salt, treacle.

Natural brownies “Beloved” are handmade chocolates that were created with care and love. Candies contain only natural dried fruits, chocolate, nuts. Sweets are not subjected to heat treatment in the production process, so all vitamins and trace elements are preserved. Candies do not contain sugar, gluten, preservatives or animal fats. Thanks to a smart combination of selected dried fruits, nuts and natural white chocolate, “Kohana” brownies are so delicious that you can’t tear yourself away from them! And the exquisite box makes them not only useful, but also a beautiful gift for children and adults.

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For athletes and people who monitor their own figure and health, moderate consumption of sweets is important. Healthy sweets from TM “KOHANA” are a good way to please yourself with delicious products without harmful components. Assorted brownies have a 100% natural composition, so diabetics and children of any age can order a set of chocolate treats.

Features of the “Assorted” brownie set

Natural chocolate products of TM “KOHANA” are made with care for your health. The sweets included in the set contain a mix of the following ingredients:

  • dried fruits;
  • nuts (almonds, hazelnuts);
  • cocoa;
  • sea salt;
  • coconut shavings;
  • molasses;
  • dry milk.

The dessert does not contain any sugar, preservatives, GMOs, flavorings, or other dangerous components. You can buy healthy chocolate brownies with a pleasant taste at an affordable price in our store. The manufacturer “KOHANA” ensures the delivery of delicious sets in Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine with the help of the reliable transport company Nova Poshta.

Are you planning to buy “Assorted” brownies as a gift or for your own consumption? Order a set of treats in one click. The quality and cost of our products will pleasantly surprise you.

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